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We have selected our longer distance events for those looking to really test them selves.

These events offer a variety of demanding distances, along with a fantastic atmosphere to spur you along in your chosen event.

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Long distance races

Ultimate Triathlon

2.4 mile swim - 112 mile cycle - 26.2 mile run

Whitchurch 6th June 2021

Ultimate 1/2 Triathlon

1.2 mile swim - 56 mile cycle - 13.1 mile run

Whitchurch 6th June 2021

Ultimate 1/4 Triathlon

0.6 mile swim - 28 mile cycle - 6.5 mile run

Whitchurch 6th June 2021

Shropshire Middle

2000m swim - 78k cycle - 20k run

Ellesmere 4th September 2021

Shropshire Olympic Triathlon

1500m swim - 39k cycle - 10k run

Ellesmere 4th September 2021

Olympic Triathlon @ Alderford

1500m swim - 40k cycle - 10k run

Whitchurch 27th June 2021

South Coast Olympic Triathlon

1500m swim - 40k cycle - 10k run

Seaford, E.Sussex 21st August 2021
South Coast 1/2 Marathon Seaford, E.Sussex 22nd August 2021

Option to enter as a Relay Team and share the swim, bike & run in all the events listed above.

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Ultimate 2020

Ultimate 1/2 2020

Ultimate 1/4 2020

Shropshire Triathlon 2020


Hi Team
Just to thanks for organising a great event today very impressed
And a big thanks to your helpers
Cheers Paul Carrington


Hi team

I just want to say what a super, super, super well run event it was yesterday. So well organised, really lovely routes and everyone was so friendly. My first proper Tri and I loved it! Huge thank you to all involved.



I would like to thank all the support staff for running the Ultimate Iron Man in shropshire yesterday. It was the best event i have ever taken part in by a long way and although i could not complete the course i am glad i was fortunate enough to meet such nice people and take part in such a great event.  Keep up the brilliant work and i hope to see you again one day.  All the best.  Lester